Rhubarb Shoots Up Like a Rocket in the Springtime

It’s amazing what a difference just a few days make in the springtime. This pair of photos is of one of our Rhubarb plants. The first was taken about four days ago, and the second was taken today. The first shot was taken much closer, so if I had used the hoe in both shots for a reference, you would be better able to tell the change a few days make. If I hadn’t mentioned it, you probably wouldn’t have noticed the swan-neck hoe in the second shot. It is my favorite garden tool. I generally do not walk out into the garden without it.

Ba20140403-111638.jpgck to the Rhubarb: It won’t be long until it will be ready to pick. Supplies are always limited, so if you want some you had better call and reserve some for yourself today. Traditionally Rhubarb is paired with Strawberries, but I’m not sure where that happens. Certainly not here in northeastern Oklahoma. I’m sure there are plenty of recipes out there on the inter-webs that make great use of Rhubarb without Strawberries. Let us know what your favorite Rhubarb recipe is. We would love to post it for you if you like.



  1. Cindy, you are first on the list. The first five pounds has your name on it. We will email you when they are ready, probably in about 10 days. Thanks a bunch.

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